Film and Television

Lidar scanning has become an essential tool for visual effects and art departments by providing highly accurate data. This enables the design process to be developed quickly and with superior detail.

We are experienced with scanning all types of terrain and materials on both locations and on set.

We meticulously scan as much surface area as possible in order to assimilate maximum data. This enables us to offer flexibility and multiple options for our clients. As an example, we can deliver a complete set or separate into high resolution sections if required. We deliver our scans as a mesh, in OBJ format, with optional colour and each scan is tailored to our clients requirements.

Our high performance hardware can create high resolution data for modelling in addition to lightweight versions for uses such as camera tracking.

We can also provide set and location surveys, photographic textures and photo models, including all vehicles and props of all shapes, sizes and formats. This can all be done whilst we are simultaneously lidar scanning, making use of time and cost effective.

If Lidar, survey and photogrammetry are required, then all three can be delivered accurately aligned to the same scale and in the same world space.

Having extensive knowledge and considerable work experience as lead data wranglers, we are able to provide HDRI photography, textures, photogrammetry, set surveys and photo models.

We provide the opportunity for a Lidar scanner, cameras, total stations and all visual effects set equipment to be hired. This can be for either short periods or for the duration of a shoot.